Oh Captain, My Captain: Ron Vlaar

What a year it’s been for the EPL – so much to write about given the most mixed-up season since I first learned what EPL stood for. Coming back after a long hiatus (a bit like Robin Van Persie) we could write about a topic close to our hearts, such as the short-and medium-term outlook for our beloved Manchester United – but having just experienced the cuticle-destroying agony of the Fulham draw at Old Trafford, that feels a little raw. Or something close to home – as close neighbours to the Arsenal stadium we could give some views on match-day atmosphere for the top teams, which I think has changed since the days when my uncle and father in law could buy tickets for Manchester United, Man City and Arsenal every week with their student grants. Or in a season where so far over one third of the Premier League managers have been sacked, we could do some analysis on the impact of sacking the manager.

Instead, we hope you enjoy this post based on tenuous links between the captains of premier league football teams and famous captains from fact and fiction.

Captain Ron Vlaar (Villa) vs. Captain America (America)

captain vlaar

Well, I sort of see where you are going with this one.


Ron Vlaar is a defender, and Captain America is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America defends, presumably, America, whereas Ron Vlaar is part of the last line of defence for an American goalkeeper.

Is he?

Yes. Also Ron Vlaar plays for his national team – Holland – whilst Captain America was part of the US Army.


Wasn’t what what you were thinking?

Actually what I was thinking was that Captain America works for America and Ron Vlaar plays for Villa.


You know – Villa. If you say it like you’re trying to scare someone it sounds like VLAAR!

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